Live Webinar: Security Consolidation for SMEs – Challenges and Solutions

Webinar Overview

It’s no secret that an increasing problem with cybersecurity, especially for small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs), is complexity. On average, SMEs manage 15 different security tools, making it very difficult for security teams to manage and orchestrate.  This so-called tool sprawl leads to high costs, staff inefficiencies and less effective threat response. SMEs are now looking to consolidate their security tools to make cybersecurity more manageable and cost-effective. 

How can SMEs safely consolidate cybersecurity tools without losing needed protections?  Join Adam Louca, Chief Security Technologist with Softcat, and Anthony Roberts, Sales Engineer with Cynet to learn about:

  • The challenges SMEs are facing by managing multiple security tools
  • A suggested approach SMEs can take to consolidate their security stack
  • How Cynet XDR helps avoid complexity and tool sprawl while actually improving protections

Presented by


Adam Louca

Adam is Softcat's Chief Technologist: Security. He focuses on developing, engaging and transforming Softcat’s strategic customers cyber security approach. Adam also runs Softcat’s cyber assessment services business which helps customer understand their current cyber security maturity and build roadmaps to improve.


Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts has spent the last 14 years working for various security vendors. He is passionate about helping customers develop strong Cybersecurity defenses, by understanding each customer's needs, and making sure technology fits the need and business processes.