Lessons Learned from the Top Cyber Attacks in 2020 and What to Expect in 2021

Webinar Overview

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many organizations to start working from home in 2020, the challenges for cybersecurity professionals increased many levels.  In just the last two months of 2020, many well-known organizations were successfully attacked, raising several important cybersecurity questions.

Join Shiran Grinberg, Manager of Cynet MDR service (CyOps) to delve into the techniques used to pull off the most prevalent and high profile cyber-attacks in 2020 with a look into “must follow” practices to defend against expected threats in 2021.  

  • What were the top successful attacks in 2020 and how were they executed?
  • What can we expect to see in 2021 based on these latest attack trends?
  • How can organizations defend against expected 2021 threats and what are highest priority defensive tactics?

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Shiran Grinberg

Shiran Grinberg is heading CyOps, a group of experienced analysts and researchers responsible for ensuring the security of Cynet customers 24/7 throughout the year.
Shiran comes with fifteen years of experience in information security with a focus on cyber warfare, national cyber defense strategies, and critical infrastructure cyber protection strategies.
Before joining Cynet, Shiran held few key positions including Digital forensics & Incident Response Team Leader at UST, Forensic Team Leader & Lab Manager at Cellebrite and Sector Manager at Bank Hapoalim. Shiran has worked in a wide range of industries including the military, law enforcement & intelligence, financial services, telecommunications, and public administration.