On-demand Webinar: Cynet's Results in the 2020 MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation

Webinar Overview

The MITRE ATT&CK evaulation is a yearly milestone for the cybersecurity industry, and with the 2020 edition in the books, it’s time to start diving into the results. MITRE ATT&CK’s unique approach, which ignores the comparative analysis in favor of providing more actionable individual insights, can be hard to navigate for security professionals looking for the right vendor. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Join Cynet CTO Aviad Hasnis as he dives into the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation and how you can interpret and gain real insights from the results you see. Additionally, we’ll go in-depth into Cynet’s results in our first year participating (you can read more here). The webinar will cover:

  • What does the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation test for, and how does it present the results?
  • How can you interpret the results to get the most value out of them
  • What the results can actually tell you about a vendor, and how to apply it.
  • A break-down of Cynet’s MITRE ATT&CK evaluation results

Presented by


Aviad Hasnis

Aviad Hasnis is a CTO at Cynet. Aviad Hasnis joined Cynet after 9 years of service in the IDF at the Central Intelligence Unit. He has worked on numerous cutting-edge technologies that have had a major impact on the security of the State of Israel. As part of Aviad’s duties as CTO of Cynet, he continues to lead extensive cybersecurity research projects and move cyber innovation forward.