Lessons Learned from the SolarWinds SUNBURST Attack

Webinar Overview

While much has been analyzed in regards to the SolarWinds SUNBURST attack, only a few have taken a step back as the tide receded to see the full picture from start to finish. But security professionals need this hindsight view to understand the attack development, surface important attack tactics, technologies and process insights, and apply the right strategic defense measures to prevent being a victim of such targeted supply chain attacks. Join security researcher, Igor Lahav, as he reviews the SolarWinds SUNBURST supply chain attack, and.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Review the SolarWinds on a timeline - from attack penetration and manipulation of the company’s development build process, followed by the injection of the malware, to the mass infection of companies globally
  • Investigate the SolarWinds aftermath - including follow up vulnerabilities that were exposed in SolarWinds’ software and their ramifications
  • Predict the evolvement of supply chain attacks – questioning whether nation states are pinpointing already today key suppliers and working to gain a foothold for the future D-day.
  • Defense measures to be applied - ensure you’re not a victim of a supply chain attack even though you have no visibility or control over your supplier’s security


Presented by


Igor Lahav

Igor Lahav is a Security Researcher at Cynet. Igor served as a team leader at the IDF Cyber Emergency Response Team and has vast experience in Reverse Engineering, Malware Analysis, and Threat Intelligence of Nation-state sponsored cyber-attacks. Igor also practices Software Engineering of security products and solutions.